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As of January 1st of 2023, Kraft Code Services, LLC and Kraft Engineering, LLC are merging to create one new company known as the Kraft Municipal Group, Inc.

There are no major changes that will affect how we service your municipality, other than you will now receive one combined invoice for Zoning, Building Code and Engineering Services.

To help address any questions you may have with regard to this change, attached you will find a copy of some "Frequently Asked Questions". Should you have any other questions or concerns, please contact one of us.

In closing, we respectfully request you re-appoint us as your Engineer and Code Enforcement Professionals for 2023, as Kraft Municipal Group, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this change occurring?

Kraft Code Services and Kraft Engineering have essentially been operating together for the last few years. We utilize the same office space and work together on a regular basis.

  • Will any services change?

No. We will be providing the same services to which you are accustomed.

  • Will there be a change in fees related to this transition?

Kraft Municipal Group, Inc. will be maintaining our same fees for 2023, as we utilized in 2022. The only change will be that the fee schedule will be combined into a single fee schedule. You will be receiving a copy of this 2023 combined fee schedule by December 1st.

  • Is the phone number and email addresses going to change?

The main phone number for Kraft Municipal Group will be 610-777-1311. We will utilize the former Kraft Code Services number of 610-775-7185 for our "Inspection Request" line for permit holders. Email addresses will be updated starting January. You will receive new business cards when this change occurs. Emails sent to old email addresses will automatically be forwarded the new ones during 2023, to assist with this transition.

  • Is the website going to change?

Yes. The new website will be This website will become active the first week of January.

  • Will there be a new federal "Earned Income Tax Number" (EIN)?

Yes. A W-9 with the new number is attached. This number should be utilized start with your January invoice. For payment of invoices dated prior to January1, 2023, please use the current Kraft Engineering and Kraft Code Services EIN's. An updated certificate of insurance is also attached.

  • What if I have other questions?

Please contact Glenn at or 484-256-7606 (cell) or Ryan at or 610-401-3045 (cell).

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